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27 March 2014

5 tips to stay stop smoking after No Smoking Day

Two weeks after No Smoking Day and how are you doing? Still stopped? If not, this blog could help put you back on track. 1.4 million people in London smoke. That’s 18% of London’s 7.8m population. According to ASH (Action on Smoking & Health), London has one of the lowest smoking populations, compared to other parts of the country.

Initiatives like National No Smoking day & Stoptober are excellent. And over the long-term, people are slowly stopping smoking. With hypnotherapy, that process can be done quite quickly*. If you want to stop smoking, of course you know smoking is bad for you and that’s unlikely to motivate you in itself.  For some people, it’s just such a big task.  As such, I’ve created 5 bite-size tips that can help you understand some of the things you need to do in order to stop smoking. Focused on collectively, being aware of them and acting upon them will help you more likely not be a smoker!

1. Environment. One of the most important parts of stopping and starting is making sure you’re in the right environment. As such, if this means for a few weeks you avoid certain places, people and things to help you, then that’s a no-brainer. Thankfully, Time Out London, can help keep you busy:
Equally, the right internal environment is also important. So, if you’re in a good place, now’s a good time to stop. If you’re massively stressed, the thought of stopping smoking may make you more stressed.  There’s never a perfect time to do anything, however, sometimes are better than others.

2. Beliefs. Beliefs are massively important to achieving anything, particularly stopping smoking. As Henry Ford said, ‘whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right’. And so if you believe you can stop smoking with hypnotherapy, or don’t believe you’re ready to stop, then what outcome do you think you’ll get? Scepticism is understandable & should be talked through. However there’s a difference between that and resistance.

3. Motivation. Whether it’s a person you want to date, through to getting a promotion, being massively motivated is vital to get what you want and the same is the case in stopping smoking. With hypnotherapy, we can help motivate you. I have yet to see a smoker say they want to stop because of a warning or image on the packets. It is always a personal reason to stop. What’s your reasons?

Equally sometimes, it’s about what made someone start? If that need is resolved, then that too helps the person stop smoking.

When I see someone for astop smoking with hypnotherapy treatment, I always ask them to scale their motivation from 1:10. If someone’s a 6-9, that’s the ballpark I’m looking for. If it’s less than that, you may not be ready. And if someone says it’s a 10, then I always wonder why they haven’t already stopped. How motivated are you to stop?

4. Behaviour. Being aware of our behaviour in any area can help us change that. If you kept a smoking log, you’d probably be surprised to see the patterns, specific times and trigger points that make you light up e.g. the London Undergound is driving me crazy! What’s weird here is that when you get off the tube, light up and take a big breath in, it can be the change of situation & deep breath that’s calming you down and not the cigarette. Once you learn some new conscious or unconscious behavioural strategies you are more likely to succeed.
The reason being calm is important, is its ability to beat anxiety. There are many apps that help you achieve that. This perhaps is one of the most popular:

5. Capabilities and skills. Knowing how not to smoke is clearly important, so what are you going to do instead? Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is proven to be very effective because you learn unconsciously / automatically what new things to do. Equally, that’s why willpower is less effective, because the second something happens e.g. stress, the old habit automatically kicks in. There are a host of great apps to help you be calm

What next?

If you live in London & want to stop smoking, hypnotherapy can be a rapid and powerful treatment *. Here’s some details from from clients who’ve stopped smoking:

I offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation and am also offering a 10% discount off our stopping smoking treatment. You can call me on freephone 0800 122 3073 or send me an email via [email protected]
Whichever way you choose to stop, good luck!


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